Volkswagen Arteon – a stylish alternative to premium saloons on long-term test

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Apart from spring finally springing, another reason to be cheerful is a marked improvement in economy. My journeys have stayed roughly the same, so it’s purely due to the warmer weather. Long may both continue.

April 5th, 2018

Fuel economy this week: 30.1mpg

A couple of longer runs have shown the Arteon in a new light. Slightly ponderous and thirsty around town it may be, but on a journey its laid-back nature and excellent overall refinement come to the fore.

The 1,984cc, four-cylinder turbocharged engine develops its 187bhp peak from just over 4,000rpm to 6,000rpm, giving a long-legged feel and the impression that you could cruise all day (an impression heightened by the excellent front seats).

I digress, but I found myself secretly wishing I had the time to drive to a forthcoming Porsche launch in the south of France rather than flying, the better to appreciate the Arteon’s mile-munching abilities.

Being a turbo engine, it also has plenty of torque given the relatively small capacity, with the maximum produced between 1,500rpm and 4,180rpm.

These figures are significant in that the peak torque is developed right up to the point in the rev range where maximum power chimes in, which translates into seamless acceleration (particularly noticeable – and impressive – when joining a motorway or applying a burst of speed to avoid those drivers who appear unable to stay in lane).

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