The best websites to sell your car

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Typically, they act as the middleman, but when selling to Evans Halshaw, you sell direct to a large network of dealers, so you tend to be offered a little more for your used car or van.

Unfortunately, the initial valuation process is slightly slower than other sites mentioned on this list, as Evans Halshaw process the information before sending an email to your designated address, rather than handily flashing it up on screen.

That said, it’s an extremely simple process and the website itself is very easy to navigate, with plenty of helpful phone numbers on hand should you have questions.


From the low-resolution graphics to the use of a font that looks worryingly like Comic Sans, Money4YourMotors isn’t exactly going to win any web design awards any time soon.

On top of this, some of the functionality is poor, with the request to click physical buttons rather than simply hit the enter button on a keyboard grating slightly, but the service is largely the same as many of the websites on this list.

Valuations appear on-screen in a matter of seconds, while the Money4YourMotors team has a fleet of vans that transport staff to your address of choice, negating the need to drop it at an inspection centre.

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