Pole “Machine” – First Ride

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Shape and fit

The prototype Machine that was ridden out in Spain had a great feel to the size, with a size M having a 480mm reach and an exceptionally long 1305mm wheelbase. Matching up the long reach with a 63.9° head angle gives room and stability. This really gives most brands something to look at when sizing a bike. 

The Machine has not been designed just for descending but also as a bike that works well for a long day out in the mountains. The steep 78° (79° effective) seat tube angle and roomy sizing really allow for great power transfer without sacrificing the body position.

first ride Feeling

Fast, that’s the first feeling that was obvious, even after smashing the mech off and the front axle quick release lever. It didn’t slow the ride down, or hold back the riding over in Malaga, where I was hitting downhill tracks like it had 200mm of travel.

The harder the Machine was pushed the more I got out of it, even when things got out of hand. The Machine just hunkers down giving the confidence to keep the brakes off and the throttle open. Upfront on this build was a 180mm travel RockShox Lyrik fork and with this firepower on tap really gave the bike a hard hitting edge. 

The climbing could very well be where this bike surprised me most though. The super steep seat angle measuring in at 79° gives one of the most positive climbing positions on a bike today.

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