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Transcript for Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen talk kids, romance and marriage

You know one of our next guests from “American pie” and the other is a “New York Times” best selling author. They happen to be married as well. Welcome one of our most favorite Hollywood couple who make parenting look hilariously entertaining. Give it up for Jason Biggs and Jenny mollen. Come on out here you two. So good to see you. Hi. Hi, Jenny. Nice seeing you guys. Have a seat. Can we talk for one second? Yes. We have to talk for a second about how awkward that tease was we did. I didn’t realize we were on even though the woman was standing there going you’re on. You’re on. You’re on. I was like I was thinking in my head the bit we were going to do. Then I look up and the guy is taking the camera off. He’s like so you’re good. I’m like Jason you’re an actor. What does your on mean to you. Look! I missed it. I missed it again. You’re on. You’re on. You’re on. You’re an actor. What does that mean? I had a whole bit. It looked like — Do the face you were making. The bit was going to be this. We were going to be like this and the camera was going to be on and we were going to be like hi, Jason. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. That was the bit. That was the bit. You know what, Jason, that would have been good. Instead we got this. Horrendous. It was literally like. We have a very important question for you guys being that you’re just meeting — I’m afraid to ask this question. Go ahead. I’m excited to ask it. Mom and dad, ear muffs. Are your parents here? They’re right here. Hey, right on. They’re literally right there. Feel free to chime in. We’re talking about does sex count as a work out? Wow. Yes, for sure. I feel like sex is like getting on the treadmill. So you’re doing it a lot. When you’re married this long, you’re like do I want to do it? Once you do it, you’re like I’m so proud of myself. I deserve a medal. She doesn’t look forward to working out or to sex apparently. It’s so much effort. I guess it’s a work out. It depends on who is running the show. Do you know what I mean? Do you co-lead? Do you each take the lead? She’s usually on her phone and scrolling Instagram. So you’re telling us it’s really good? I’m thinking about what bit I’m going to do on “Good morning America” the next day. You guys have been married ten year. Yes. You live in New York now. Yeah. I hear you left L.A. Because, Jenny, you said the house was haunted. I became convinced the house was haunted. This was a house we bought after — we only owned it for six months when I saw a door. She saw a door. I saw a door open. Granted I just had a baby. I could have been in a post-partum haze. I’m not sure. That happens. I’m not sure. I was convinced. I spoke to a psychic. She said it was a ghost dog and he had an old man partner. I was like the dog can stay, but the old man partner’s gotta go. Did you see anything or did the door just open? I didn’t see anything. I did promptly move my side of the bed to be the side that Jason was on which was closer to the exit just in case. I feel like your partner should be on the side closest to be eaten by the ghost so you can escape. You only then have to out run one person. Exactly. You have two boys, 4 and 1. Yes. I heard the 4-year-old is called sid the dictator. We don’t call him that to his face, but, yes. Behind his back he’s the dictator. He doesn’t know. It’s behind his back. He’s a strong-willed child. Yes. He’s strong. He speaks German. He’s intense. It’s intense. Do you think — I have a theory on first children. Because we’re a little anxious when we raise them, we turn them into these things. It’s a great theory. For sure. It’s like we voted them into office. 100%. It’s great to say as the third child. By the third they nailed it. I’m pretty much perfect. Your Instagram page is called dictator’s lunch. It’s all pictures of lunches, It’s the best. It’s all pictures of lunches, these gourmet lunches. You make those lunches for sid. The dictator requires it. Does he always eat everything you make? No. Oftentimes it’s like a Roman emperor. He’ll come up and it’s thumbs up or thumbs down, off with my head. He’ll be like, mommy, today the bear was boring. It’s true. Do you know how parents at home are going I’m horrible at the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s are like outrageous. You’re like the queen of Pinterest. There’s no lunch shaming here. There’s no lunch shaming. Also, I was never really like that — tell them. I’m left-handed. I’m not a great chef. I’m almost cutting my fingers off. Her idea of cooking is throwing whatever ingredients are around in one pot and hoping it’s edible. Stirring with a fork. These are your lunches too. They made me laugh. We have a picture of what Jason does when he’s in charge. Jenny was out of town for a week. I was in charge. Rough times. Rough times. I figured — That was nine bucks. You can get a lot for nine bucks. That avocado was in the lunch every single day. It got uglier and uglier. There’s some amoxycillan. You realize your strengths. You realize your weaknesses. Throw nine bucks in there. I knew there’s no — Jenny has — in our relationship I will say one thing we’ve done really well is identified what kind of responsibilities we like to take on with the kids, as you do I think over time. She knows and I know that she does the lunches. She does them great and loves doing it. I’m not a big fan of doing it. Really? That looked efforted. I like doing my things. I’m more involved on the school stuff. Jenny is like I don’t want to go to that school. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to deal. I don’t feel like it. I’m like that’s cool. I don’t want to go to amusement parks ever. I went to one two weeks ago. I was sore for three days.

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